Japanese style classroom for infant

Resumption of classes while taking measures against the novel Corona Virus.

We are resuming face to face lessons in the classroom while implementing measures to prevent the spread of the novel Corona Virus.

Please not that online classes will also continue.

Main prevention measures:

  • Regular staff and student temperature checks
  • Classroom furniture and toys will be disinfected and sanitized.
  • Staff will ensure effective hand washing and gargling.
  • Rooms are regularly ventilated.
  • Masks will be used by all staff.

For more details and all up to date information please contact us by phone or mail:

TEL: 281-258-4129

2021 Summer Vacation camp information:

Full time students as well as new members are welcome to join! Come and enjoy your summer with us in Japanese!

We will hold summer vacation classes (summer camp) from July 5th to 30th.

The application deadline is June 15th. Please check the blog page for more details, or call us.

Regular class admission campaign:

We are currently offering a gift card for our current students who introduce new members! Some classes have reached capacity, so please apply as soon as possible to avoid disappointment!


Japanese early years education in Houston

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Bear Child Education Academy provides early childhood education in Japanese for children aged 3-6.

We teach Japanese language, etiquette, gymnastics, culture and traditions to young children, connecting them to their Japanese heritage.

Whether you are looking to prepare your children for a return to Japan, or to enhance their education or cultural heritage, we provide a safe and fun environment for learning and enjoying Japanese culture. Non ethnic Japanese children are of course also more than welcome to join us too. Let’s learn Japanese and discover more about Japan’s culture together!

Drawing on half a century of high quality education in Kyoto and Osaka, Japan, you can rest assured that your children will be safe and happy with us.

All classes can be tried for free!

Please note, that depending on the current Corona situation, some classes may only be available online. Please call 281-258-4129 for the latest details.

We offer two kinds of classes: CUB classes and Early Childhood Education classes. Both use Japanese style teaching techniques but there is a different focus for each class.

CUB classes are for learning about Japanese culture and lifestyle, while Early Childhood Education Classes are for learning Japanese writing, math and physical education.

More information can be found on the CLASSES AND FEES page.

Lesson Video:

This short clip shows part of a Japanese style lesson. Aside from this, children will also be able to learn through play, activities, songs, games and physical education.

Recommendations for private elementary schools in Japan

We also offer support and recommendations regarding private elementary schools for families who have, or are thinking of, returning to the Kansai area of Japan.

We recommend Ritsumeikan Elementary School and Kansai University Elementary School, and can help organize dates and times for the interview and written entry test.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have regarding private elementary schools in the Kansai region.